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    diona25 : byee Stai
    fiftyshadesofblue : you didn't reply in pm?
    diona25 : no lol im lazy
    fiftyshadesofblue : thats why
    Eliiv : I feel like I need Para's map
    GemmaGirl has just logged in
    diona25 : nah he bombarded me a msg that i cant catch up lool
    Eliiv : what are we talkin' about .-.
    fiftyshadesofblue : lol
    Eliiv : who did, Dio
    diona25 : lol Elli about Juno May haha
    fiftyshadesofblue : nines and forty fives
    Eliiv : yeah that one is May0
    diona25 : im impressed his speedy in typing lol
    Eliiv : 9s then 6s and finally hmm
    fiftyshadesofblue : now i need a map too
    Eliiv : yeah 8
    MomStacked has just logged out
    diona25 : aww also that number? Elli
    Eliiv : same person
    fiftyshadesofblue : may 0 is april 30?
    diona25 : a magical numbers:)
    Eliiv : he was speaking about anchors and demons
    Secretdownlow has just logged in
    diona25 : whers Clim seems he was here loggin gin? or i need eye glass?:)
    fiftyshadesofblue : what kind of secret would that be?
    diona25 : yes thats his words repetitive Elli
    diona25 : steve hey!
    Secretdownlow : Morning dio hugs
    Secretdownlow : Who?s all this fine day
    GraceTheEchidna : .0.
    diona25 : he said to me if i sold already my soul to someone lol
    Eliiv : lol
    Secretdownlow : How
    Lanalaa has just logged out
    diona25 : steve lol nxt time wake up early:)
    GraceTheEchidna : Boi I need Mega Man X2 remix
    fiftyshadesofblue : lol
    Secretdownlow : Dio sold soul ?
    diona25 : honestly i dnt understand that saying lol
    GraceTheEchidna : da da da
    Secretdownlow : Been up . My security system man was here already
    diona25 : haha Juno s here above me haha
    Secretdownlow : Juno?
    diona25 : steve ahh
    Luliwa has just logged in
    Grammacles : hello grasshopper
    Secretdownlow : Fixed now all good
    diona25 : guys what that really meant soul sold?
    Grammacles : sorry for the delay - work stuff