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    11mkvegas : hahhhahaah get the kisss
    11mkvegas : wear a wig
    apsaraa92 : Capturing kissing scene
    Grammaticus : i don't need to my har is long lol
    11mkvegas : lol how are u aps
    Grammaticus : *hair
    apsaraa92 : Combuuu u natty with my teacher????
    11mkvegas : lol yea
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    Grammaticus : apsy!! soft kisses dear!! lol
    apsaraa92 : Hailllllll Teacher hugsssds
    apsaraa92 : Soft kisses but not with him
    apsaraa92 : I am good combuu i guess u are on fire ahhh
    Grammaticus : hahaha hugggssss student :)
    apsaraa92 : Lol teacher
    gatrucker : aps only kisses oddly
    apsaraa92 : Omg uncleeeeeeee big hugsssss
    Grammaticus : yeah i noticed that lol
    apsaraa92 : Yes i kissed only him
    apsaraa92 : Bcs he is Rockstar lol
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    11mkvegas : hahahh
    Grammaticus : ugly fker too by all accounts lol
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    Skoolgal5 : Hey apsara hi Grammat
    apsaraa92 : Hi skool
    11mkvegas : grams who lol
    apsaraa92 : Combu tell me first..why u kisses him?
    11mkvegas : i dont kiss nobody
    11mkvegas : there is chatter here name soft kisses 4 girls
    11mkvegas : i said soft kisses 4 grams
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    apsaraa92 : Combuu u can kiss my teacher
    11mkvegas : only girls lol
    apsaraa92 : I mean soft kisses
    apsaraa92 : Combu really??
    11mkvegas : merry xmas
    babiicakezz : hey<3
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    apsaraa92 : Merry Christmas combu
    apsaraa92 : Hi cakezz
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    Grammaticus : ho skool
    Grammaticus : ho? hi
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    Grammaticus : hi ho hi ho
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    Skoolgal5 : Hey Gramat..quite a day...lots of people can't get away as planned....hope tomorrow things will calm down
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