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    Pinocchio02 : I thought I was being nice
    Pinocchio02 : Which is very difficult for me
    6ftgrneyedgrl : You?re always nice to me :)
    Erehwon : Bye pino laters sir
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    Stephan737 has just logged in
    Pinocchio02 : Well thank you
    Pinocchio02 : I tried to be nice to everyone
    6ftgrneyedgrl : If you weren?t I?d flick you :)
    Stephan737 has just logged out
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Right I?ve never seen you rude to anyone
    Pinocchio02 : Oh I have been
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Even if, I bet they deserved it
    C0rr0sive has just logged in
    Pinocchio02 : Texas Chimichanga
    Pinocchio02 : Holo corrosive how are you mate?
    C0rr0sive : hey pin, it's all good here
    C0rr0sive : how are you?
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Morning corrosive
    Pinocchio02 : i'm doing O K thank you
    C0rr0sive : morning 6ft
    Pinocchio02 : Let's see what is it afternoon in Sweden? Or is it that late there yet?
    C0rr0sive : lunch time
    C0rr0sive : 12:25
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Oh sorry good afternoon then :)
    Pinocchio02 : I was really close for a guest guess
    6ftgrneyedgrl : The brain hasn?t kicked in yet
    C0rr0sive : eh, it's always morning somewhere
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Sometimes I just think everyone is in the same time zone
    Pinocchio02 : Well 6 I stole your picture
    C0rr0sive : "everything is relative" - Albert Einstein
    6ftgrneyedgrl : What one pin?
    Pinocchio02 : The one about crayons
    Pinocchio02 : Too funny
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Oh , that was funny
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Sure I?ll share,just don?t take my sons pic
    Pinocchio02 : I agree it was funny
    6ftgrneyedgrl : He doesn?t want to be hat famous lol
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    6ftgrneyedgrl : Chat
    Pinocchio02 : I thought that was a picture of Jason I didn't even look at it
    CampersTrails has just logged in
    6ftgrneyedgrl : He was dressed like Michael Myers from Halloween
    Pinocchio02 : OK well I don't watch those kind of movies so I made a guess
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Not everyone?s choice of movies
    C0rr0sive : Jason is the one with the Hockey mask
    6ftgrneyedgrl : I lo a good horror movie
    Pinocchio02 : thank you corrosive
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Love, holy crap
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Here I thought I was as starting to focus