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    Grammacles : hey aceb
    Grammacles : btw do you know what has happened to days - he's gone AWOL
    aceb74 : hi Gramm
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    mk12vegas : i saw days 2 days ago
    mk12vegas : im off the wall vans
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    1manhot : hi aceb74
    Grammacles : oh ok i never see him any more
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    mk12vegas : babygirl is in jail
    Grammacles : usually he was always here
    Wheremybabygirl : Girls read my profile please
    mk12vegas : yes grams lol
    Grammacles : where you should be
    mk12vegas : lol
    Wheremybabygirl : Please read my profile Girls.
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    Wheremybabygirl : Girls please read my profile
    qnuqs : Must.. kill....
    qnuqs : Must...
    qnuqs : Deary me
    qnuqs : Afk
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    qnuqs : Bonsoir
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    Grammacles : could make a country song out his line
    Grammacles : "and i said hey girls please read my profile"
    Grammacles : 'I said it every which way and then again"
    qnuqs : Lol
    qnuqs : Well.. those pop songs do often have chorus lines that repeat
    Grammacles : "but i never got an answer, no i never got an answer"
    qnuqs : 'Shoot that poison arrow through my hearttttt'
    Grammacles : "and that cos i was a complete creep"
    qnuqs : 'Shoots through his heart'
    Grammacles : *plays soppy slide lines*
    qnuqs : 'Adults in diapers have souls too'
    qnuqs : 'Pampers Cult's The Place For Me'
    PuzzleBox : Rofl ! You two are hilarious.
    qnuqs : ^_-
    qnuqs : Hey sweet rapunzzle
    PuzzleBox : Hello Punqula
    qnuqs : Mwuahaha