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    1Alan : Britland
    vlntd has just logged out
    Sozal : *adds acid to rain*
    Sozal : Muwahahhahahhaha
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    apsaraa : Nuuuu sozuuu
    NoMax1 : two arms and you can use them....
    1Alan : Oh no sozal
    Climaticus : its a special anti-acid umbrella of course
    apsaraa : Lol
    Sozal : Pffttt
    1Alan : Ha clim had the james bond measures
    apsaraa : Mimmmii dead??
    Sozal : Apsu lets steal his umbrella
    Climaticus : *twirls moustache*
    Climaticus : its also electrified
    Climaticus : so be careful
    apsaraa : Butt sozuuu he is my honorable teacher
    Sozal : Uses battery?
    apsaraa : U both are like my eyes
    oodimmi : here
    apsaraa : Busy??
    oodimmi : not yet
    1Alan : Only 1 percent battery already
    Sozal : He is busy making coffee for me
    Climaticus : no its self-charging
    Sozal : Charges what? Lol
    apsaraa : Sozuuu let's ask make samosa for us
    oodimmi : never make u coffe after that horrible soup u made 4 me
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    apsaraa : Alan ur mobile always Outta charge wht u actually doing with ur mobile?
    Climaticus : like a solar umbrella thingy that protects against literally everything :)
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    apsaraa : Pftt teacher
    1Alan : Lol oodimmi i remember that coffee
    Sozal : Solar umbrella needs sun right?
    apsaraa : She made soup for u??mimii
    1Alan : And soup
    oodimmi : lol alan
    Sozal : Does it work at night? Hmmmmmmm
    Climaticus : nah it works with rain
    NoMax1 : 12 feet of shielded concrete
    apsaraa : U made coffee for him??Alan
    Sozal : Eh
    NoMax1 : Copper wire cage...
    1Alan : Nope
    Climaticus : something like that
    oodimmi : soup yes but it want soup was more like pure antrax