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    Katya856 : i just want to see the world first
    Katya856 : ok have a lovely day
    Grammacles : good idea
    Grammacles : you too
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    PuzzleBox : what else did you find interesting about them? :)
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    fieldingll : What species are dying out, Gram?
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    Grammacles : shakers field
    Grammacles : they were innovators and also composed some amazing music puzzle
    fieldingll : oh! Well, Catholic clergy have celibracy, but they've been around a long long time...
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    Grammacles : i believe they are even responsible for some of the common kitchen appliances we have today
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    Grammacles : no field there are only two genuine shakers left alive
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    Grammacles : being a shaker = no sex and definitely no procreation
    RBMK : Dang. They got Eddie
    Grammacles : not great recipe for continuity
    fieldingll : but lots and lots f celibate clergy......maybe there are many kinds of celibacy
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    fieldingll : maybe it's because they don't shake
    Grammacles : well thing was if you got pregnant you got booted out
    Grammacles : all that will be left is their furniture style and songs
    Grammacles : and perhaps their shaking dance moves lol
    fieldingll : How can you get preg...ant if you're mean the other person wasn't celibate...that's cheating
    punq : Plop
    imax1 : stranger things have happened... immaculate conception.....
    Grammacles : it takes two to tango field
    Grammacles : oh yes right a stranger thing happened - once
    imax1 : well, except that one time....
    AmishEpicBeardman : well well well, just as I suspected...................................................
    AmishEpicBeardman : max is here
    Grammacles : no shit sherlock
    Succulency : This one time.. at band camp
    fieldingll : and how many to celibate
    imax1 : ooh la la - faces
    Succulency : I got the bassoon..
    AmishEpicBeardman : and of course the wannbe musician
    Succulency : Clio - Eyes
    Grammacles : its wannabe not wannbe
    PuzzleBox : lol
    Grammacles : get it right
    AmishEpicBeardman : oh sorry, wannabe
    fieldingll : "Se...x and the Single celibate"...must read that
    PuzzleBox : and the kfc wannabe fat chicks chaser
    PuzzleBox : :)