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    l0th : how much ?
    Miku33 : it's an obstacle I want to get rid of ...dan dan daaan!
    FabulousRain : O.o
    Miku33 : off*
    Miku33 : or of
    Miku33 : xD
    24ktgold : oh had a family member pass recently and he was only 10 and 8 of his organs were donated
    FabulousRain : :(
    Miku33 : I dunno if donating organs is a good thing
    24ktgold : so sad but others will live on because of this wonderful gift
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    Miku33 : cuz we never know what happens after we die
    Miku33 : I might need that organ lol
    FabulousRain : Actually it is, if someone can use them by all means but it is a sad event.
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    24ktgold : true they were moving 2 florida and on the way in washington had an amergency
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    FabulousRain : awe
    24ktgold : he had a terrible head ache which turned out 2 b brain bleed and died
    Miku33 : RIP
    FabulousRain : I'm sorry :'(
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    FabulousRain : That's only a year younger than my nephew he just turned 11 this month
    FabulousRain : scary thinking
    24ktgold : so u c make the most of every day as we don't come w/t an experation stamped on us
    Miku33 : you hear that Grim reaper.. ur making ppl sad
    Miku33 : smh
    FabulousRain : ......
    l0th : well well
    24ktgold : my apologies teddy bear hugssssss and butterfly kisses 2 all
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    l0th : °o°
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    Miku33 : if there is something that can frighten me...would be a baby dying on me
    Miku33 : I would wish to be killed 10 times but not witness that
    FabulousRain : I need to go....this wasn't a good topic to talk about. Ttyl, have a good day, night or afternoon.
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    Miku33 : I blame you 10th
    Miku33 : xD
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    Wntuwet2lic : sara20bear mornin
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    Miku33 : Ryu :)