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    spacehoppa : When was that!!!
    inexcusable : Now it's just playground insults, coupled with paranoia.
    spacehoppa : Many moons
    vegasmk1y : lo
    Camperstales has just logged in
    spacehoppa : I think calling folks sx offenders is low af and they are all too quick to pull put that card now
    spacehoppa : Then some actually believe
    6ftgrneyedgrl : And ya I took pictures mk, when do I go anywhere without my camera
    Oceanwaters24 has just logged in
    spacehoppa : Without thinking that these unhinged morons are using it as a tactic
    vegasmk1y : sup steve lol u go back to casino
    spacehoppa : Ooh
    Oceanwaters24 : Took a nap :)))
    spacehoppa : Want your bathtime shots next, 6ey
    Camperstales has just logged in
    spacehoppa : If camera is always present
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Pfft
    spacehoppa : Jk
    TheColombian has just logged in
    spacehoppa : XD
    daysandnights : Hi Steve
    spacehoppa : Nyaha
    Oceanwaters24 : Sup terri vac over huh ?
    Oceanwaters24 : Sup days
    inexcusable : Chatters can call me whatever they want here. I know what I am.
    daysandnights : Nothing much
    Camperstales : WOW!
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    spacehoppa : True true
    inexcusable : If you want to pull that pedo crap on me, bring the proof. But they never do.
    6ftgrneyedgrl : I am now steve
    vegasmk1y : lol chat
    spacehoppa : Still uncalled for and a weak method
    Oceanwaters24 : Back to the grind but I?m sure you enjoyed your time off
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Oh I did
    6ftgrneyedgrl : I did my first ghost walk too
    Oceanwaters24 : What?s a ghost walk?
    Here4femboys has just logged in
    spacehoppa : Basically pretending to walk
    spacehoppa : Jk
    spacehoppa : :-p
    vegasmk1y : lol
    daysandnights : Lol
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    inexcusable : Ghosts glide.
    inexcusable : lmao
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Niagara on the lake is supposed to be haunted, we walk around at night to see if we can see anything
    spacehoppa : True
    vegasmk1y : bookfri fake
    spacehoppa : So they dont walk