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    FabulousRain : So small rarely anyone has heard of it
    FabulousRain : Lol
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    imax1 : clap for the wolfman....
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    24ktgold : close to where some of my moms family was from t y rain
    Grammaticas : try us rain
    24ktgold : pepper gtcu
    Miku33 : naah rain... don't tell much in here
    FabulousRain : Really? that's cool
    Miku33 : don't trust those weridos
    FabulousRain : Don't worry I'm not
    Miku33 : weirdos*
    FabulousRain : Lol
    imax1 : ah, Idontwantaknowwhere Washington...
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    Miku33 : lol Max
    FabulousRain : XD
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    Grammaticas : yeah i'm a gonna stalk you
    Grammaticas : not
    imax1 : but the picture has a mustache.....
    FabulousRain : <.<
    24ktgold : lol max
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    FabulousRain : Uh you can try but people around here know my family, lol
    Grammaticas : moustache
    anniebrown6041 : hii
    FabulousRain : Got an old classmate who's a cop XD just saying
    Miku33 : lol Rain
    Grammaticas : see max it helps being french sometimes
    imax1 : ty... you're so French....
    Miku33 : who is French?
    FabulousRain : O.o
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    Grammaticas : too slow mister
    imax1 : the Tudor....
    Grammaticas : max thinks because the normans invaded england that we are all french
    imax1 : cause he gets up in the morning..
    Grammaticas : its his little foible i forgive him
    FabulousRain : Um not french I don't think lol
    Miku33 : lol
    imax1 : and that the pile a dirt is twenty miles from France.. ya swam across...
    Grammaticas : although completely and utterly wrong of course
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    imax1 : completely true cause they had to get there somehow.. ya didn't crop up outta the bloody ground...
    FabulousRain : I mean I wouldn't mind having that French accent but yeah
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