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    imax1 : it's a classic....
    imax1 : it's funny as shit you have to see it over and over again to catch all of the really innuendos.....
    imax1 : then you watch it just for the fun of it....
    juliejugglesjellybns : im gunna google it a minute brb
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    imax1 : cool.. pac'n a bowl....
    juliejugglesjellybns : ohhhhhhh lolol i have seen it lol
    juliejugglesjellybns : love tim allen lolol
    imax1 : he has his moments....
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    juliejugglesjellybns : true
    imax1 : he does another movie, south florida.. he falls onto a Cane Toad, a mere tough of will give you serious hallucinations I've touched one more than once...
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    imax1 : rubber gloves only, it's going to go through cloth or leather gloves... no bare handed....
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    Babygirl9213 : I am not looking for sex people
    SusyCute234 : Gtg bye all :)
    imax1 : so figure out how to talk in the open room with all the rest of us. I don't know you're the one who writes you wanna help people I am you and that leaves those people thinking that's all you wanna talk about... merely an observation....
    imax1 : night Suzy....
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    juliejugglesjellybns : ?
    imax1 : Oil Welll
    imax1 : I have no clue. Yup. Yup.....
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    Clickies : what i miss
    Mskuh : I miss you
    imax1 : the boat....
    imax1 : aim better....
    Mskuh : Too hot in the city
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    Clickies : oh
    Mskuh : Aw don't wear bikinis lol
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    xgentleshreex : Hello everyone
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    Clickies : pls don't pm me :] thx
    Mskuh : Aw sorry
    xgentleshreex : Hmmmm
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    ScarNuminous : Hi all
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    xgentleshreex : Hello scar huggsss
    ScarNuminous : Hey beautiful shree hugssss
    xgentleshreex : If you are the same scar lol
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    ScarNuminous : You know it lol
    xgentleshreex : Oh yeah you are