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    imax1 : 18k already... very nice.....
    FabulousRain : It can be some use it to promote their own work
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    FabulousRain : Someday I'll get there but for now fanfictions are my thing
    Grammaticas : everyone has to start somewhere rain
    imax1 : thingingly said....
    FabulousRain : Have my own work going, got two pages but as a fantasy writer I find it hard to create
    FabulousRain : something that hasn't already been done
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    Grammaticas : and you made a good start by the sounds
    Grammaticas : ah you seek originality
    Miku33 : keep it up, Rain
    Grammaticas : how wonderful
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    FabulousRain : I got 6 fanfics going and 8 drafts for ideas I had plus my own story
    imax1 : and yet you came here to chat...
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    FabulousRain : It's not so bad to me
    Grammaticas : wow material is not an issue for you i see
    FabulousRain : nope
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    FabulousRain : and I use this chat to reduce stress thank you lol
    imax1 : yup...
    Grammaticas : no effort is wasted rain
    Grammaticas : even if it seems like it is
    imax1 : weirdtown reduces stress by 30 percent...
    FabulousRain : Lol sometimes arguing with someone on here helps me write better XD
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    Grammaticas : there is a law working in the depths of life that says causes will always have effects
    FabulousRain : It's only one of my process moves though
    Grammaticas : haha yes i find that too
    imax1 : no limit on resources for good arguments...
    FabulousRain : lol
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    Grammaticas : stimulation
    Grammaticas : of the brain i mean of course
    imax1 : pac2....
    FabulousRain : <.<
    FabulousRain : >.>
    imax1 : the jury is still out....
    FabulousRain : no brain talk lol
    Grammaticas : max chooses to dull his with weed
    Grammaticas : oops i forgot lol
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    FabulousRain : XD
    Miku33 : it might be another kind of stimulation
    Miku33 : xD
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    Grammaticas : can you explain further miku