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    Grammaticas : and what are these powers exactly
    24ktgold : and w/t u also
    imax1 : leaping tall buildings would be useful...
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    Grammaticas : not when you can just walk around them
    Miku33 : for example ..seeing auras ? when ppl see auras clearly they are told they have vision issues and start wearing glasses they grow up they lose that ability
    24ktgold : time travel i say max lol
    FabulousRain : Lmao
    Miku33 : time travel proven the future only though.
    Grammaticas : 24k lol that's very dangerous
    FabulousRain : telekinetic orbing!
    imax1 : i just traveled two minute ahead of two minutes ago...
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    Miku33 : lol
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    imax1 : only took me two minutes...
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    24ktgold : lol
    imax1 : zero time loss...
    Grammaticas : personally i don't think we pay enough attention to the moment we are in
    24ktgold : anything is possible in the future
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    Grammaticas : cos that's where we are after all
    24ktgold : i'm in the moment w/t all of u lol
    imax1 : and no matter where you go, there you are...
    Grammaticas : yay!
    Grammaticas : and you take the weather with you as crowded house would say
    24ktgold : rain, miku and gram gtcu all
    Grammaticas : nice to see you too 24
    FabulousRain : :)
    Grammaticas : got your comp fixed?
    imax1 : anywhere you go, always take the weather with you..
    Miku33 : likewise
    FabulousRain : ^-^
    Grammaticas : the meaning of which is that you cannot escape your troubles
    24ktgold : no and having trouble fig out the new 1 gram as not 2 techy
    Grammaticas : oh a new one cool
    24ktgold : so i'm on the old 1 that's falling apart
    Grammaticas : lol somebody i know is always swearing at their phone and i'm like get a new one
    Grammaticas : but they say nooooo i will have to learn everything over
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    24ktgold : yes it's some apple 13 tablet i believe sent to me as a gift w/t touch screen key board
    Grammaticas : wow super duper 24
    FabulousRain : lol
    24ktgold : i need max and he moved away lol
    Grammaticas : super duper lemon scooper
    imax1 : I'm sorry....
    24ktgold : where u from may i ask rain ?
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    Miku33 : heavens