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    FabulousRain : Really? I've got rain XD
    24ktgold : my great gram on my moms side was canadian french rain and i wish she had passed the language down
    imax1 : you are rain...
    l0th : hello guys
    l0th : i'm new here
    FabulousRain : And it's raining
    FabulousRain : lol
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    Miku33 : they don't pass anything ...just genes
    24ktgold : hi 10th gtcu lol
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    Miku33 : lol 10th
    l0th : yo 24
    l0th : yo miku
    l0th : yo rain
    Miku33 : no it is not a dating website 10th
    Miku33 : jk
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    l0th : oh i'm not looking for a dating site
    24ktgold : strike a pose the photograper is here and hello
    l0th : i'm looking for a website for sell human organs
    xRio : Lame
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    l0th : lol rio
    imax1 : we waited so long to hear you say that.....
    24ktgold : well work shortly so u all have fun skotc max bbl all
    Miku33 : don't mind him , he is annoyed today
    imax1 : :)))... be safe...
    Miku33 : lol max
    Miku33 : human organs
    Miku33 : I wanna sell my heart :)
    l0th : how much ?
    Miku33 : it's an obstacle I want to get rid of ...dan dan daaan!
    FabulousRain : O.o
    Miku33 : off*
    Miku33 : or of
    Miku33 : xD
    24ktgold : oh had a family member pass recently and he was only 10 and 8 of his organs were donated
    FabulousRain : :(
    Miku33 : I dunno if donating organs is a good thing
    24ktgold : so sad but others will live on because of this wonderful gift
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    Miku33 : cuz we never know what happens after we die
    Miku33 : I might need that organ lol
    FabulousRain : Actually it is, if someone can use them by all means but it is a sad event.
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    24ktgold : true they were moving 2 florida and on the way in washington had an amergency