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    mk12vegas : skate
    Grammaticas : although i am so deeply attached to the original i might not like it
    FabulousRain : Soo confused
    Grammaticas : rain i blame max
    imax1 : you're right here X...
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    Grammaticas : he can't help what comes out of his mouth he's on drugs
    FabulousRain : O.O
    FabulousRain : Lmao
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    Grammaticas : at least that's the excuse he uses lol
    FabulousRain : Only been on here a few minutes and already feel my heads about to explode XD
    Grammaticas : welcome to the thunderdrome
    FabulousRain : lol
    imax1 : and that's one small hit for man.... and another hit for mankind.....
    Grammaticas : *puts a tina turner wig on*
    FabulousRain : ^ uh what about womenkind?
    Truthserum : Mission success
    Truthserum : Yawns
    Grammaticas : good point rain
    Miku33 : lookin pretty with that wig Gram
    Grammaticas : these days we say humankind max
    Grammaticas : *bats eyelids at miku*
    FabulousRain : lol
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    Grammaticas : *gets beaten up by ike*
    FabulousRain : XD
    Grammaticas : *writes book and makes squillions*
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    Grammaticas : end of story
    FabulousRain : Uh what?
    Grammaticas : that's the tina turner story rain
    Grammaticas : in a nutshell
    imax1 : just the hi-lites
    Grammaticas : mon precis
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    FabulousRain : I know who that is lol I meant that 'Squillions"?
    Grammaticas : abstract
    Grammaticas : its a lot of money rain
    Truthserum : 5 min
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    Grammaticas : more than you could ever imagine
    FabulousRain : Ah
    Grammaticas : also british slang
    Grammaticas : i think
    FabulousRain : Okay that's what I thought
    imax1 : it's like 1.50
    Grammaticas : maybe gazillions in american
    Grammaticas : mucho moolah