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    PuzzleBox : chocolate lol
    PuzzleBox : lets test that on Mel
    kathyarielchaney : Killing is illegal, but not when I do it!
    Melkhan123 : It's my whole day neal
    Melkhan123 : Meal**
    Melkhan123 : Not chocolate
    PuzzleBox : who is your next Victim, Kathy?
    Melkhan123 : When is ur birthday? Puzzle
    PuzzleBox : you don't like chocolate, Mel?
    kathyarielchaney : Probably Craig
    PuzzleBox : Craig is invincible, find someone else
    Melkhan123 : I like chocolates
    Melkhan123 : I can't eat sweet alot
    kathyarielchaney : Ok, come here Puzzle.
    KingsNumbers : ginger and saffron :-/
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    Melkhan123 : My head aches If i eat alot of sweet
    PuzzleBox : And I am an illusion, Kathy
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    KingsNumbers : you can kill me kath
    KingsNumbers : i am all yours
    PuzzleBox : *records Numbers's consent on camera*
    KingsNumbers : lol
    Melkhan123 : The one whom u don't like ?
    Melkhan123 : Here in this chatroom
    bornmaverick has just logged in
    bornmaverick : hello
    Melkhan123 : @ puzzle
    PuzzleBox : hm?
    Melkhan123 : The one whom u don't like here
    kathyarielchaney : I'm also an illusion.
    KingsNumbers : s korea 1 portugal 1
    PuzzleBox : yes, belong ;)
    PuzzleBox : Korea is playing?
    kathyarielchaney : I belong meow
    PuzzleBox : where is Sozo xD
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    KingsNumbers : yep
    Melkhan123 : Puzzle
    Melkhan123 : Tell me ur birthdate ?
    kathyarielchaney : weirdo.
    KingsNumbers : mine is today :-/
    PuzzleBox : Why?
    Melkhan123 : Just want to know
    kathyarielchaney : he likes you
    PuzzleBox : No it is not today, Numbers
    kathyarielchaney : it's obvious
    KingsNumbers : itm talking about myself puzzle