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    FabulousRain : XD
    Miku33 : it might be another kind of stimulation
    Miku33 : xD
    BlepMonster has just logged in
    Grammaticas : can you explain further miku
    FabulousRain : lol
    sam7777777 has just logged in
    Miku33 : weed helps them enter some levels of unconsciousness
    HollyMilburn has just logged in
    imax1 : sounds like everyday...
    lucyjb1 has just logged in
    Miku33 : and do you know what those levels hide?
    Grammaticas : ok but its mostly just plain unconsciousness
    Miku33 : if not insanity,
    FabulousRain : Lmao
    Miku33 : then some advanced powers
    Miku33 : or just insanity xD
    imax1 : the tenth dimension....
    FabulousRain : haha
    Miku33 : I wonder if anyone reached that Max :x
    lucyjb1 has just logged out
    imax1 : buckeroo bonzi went there..
    Miku33 : isn't 12th the highest ?
    Grammaticas : hmmm yes i have noticed that stoned people think what they do is amazing but the next day its usually wtf???
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    imax1 : cool... I just thought I did regular stuff..l
    FabulousRain : XD
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    Grammaticas : personal experience included
    FabulousRain : lol
    FabulousRain : oh god my head hurts
    Miku33 : it's like when someone be low key drunk
    Grammaticas : unfortunately you have to use lsd to really open up other levels of consciousness
    imax1 : nope...
    Miku33 : can boost their confidence
    imax1 : did enough of that....
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    FabulousRain : Lucky there's a family stuck in the head, boiling over
    Grammaticas : and i know too many casualties of that particular experiment to recommend it
    imax1 : ty Timothy Leary...
    24ktgold has just logged in
    imax1 : Timothy Learys dead, oh no he's outside... looking in.....
    Grammaticas : however overuse of anything just normalises the experience
    imax1 : 24... :)))
    24ktgold : max )))) lol
    Miku33 : unfortunately, ppl who succeed in obtaining new skills and abilities are called crazy or psychos they are put under treatment instead of teaching them how to control their new gains
    Miku33 : some of them are really are though.
    Grammaticas : like who exactly miku
    FabulousRain : sighs
    imax1 : may the force be with you...