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    Sozal : Clinuuuuuuuu
    Erehwon : Lol
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Nah not that old
    Erehwon : ChIPPz he is clinnuuu
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Lol xD
    Sozal : Chipzuuuuuuu
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    Chippz : i dont lnow a clinuuu
    Sozal : Clinu is a new dude
    Chippz : ohh
    Chippz : no previous name?
    mk1vegas : bingo
    Sozal : Thats his name since the last
    Sozal : 32 years
    Chippz : oh my
    Chippz : Dang this has been around a while yeah
    Erehwon : LoL
    Sozal : Yeah
    Sozal : He is well behaved
    Sozal : Not even one ban
    Sozal : *sips tea*
    Erehwon : And i was not on my best behaviour
    Sozal : Tsk tsk
    Erehwon : Ok!
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    Chippz : very good clinu
    Chippz : ive been banned a couple times but shh we can pretend not
    Chippz : we can pretend ive always been chippzsu
    Clinicallyinsane2 : It's ok I won't tell anyone
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Keep it zipped
    Chippz : good good
    Chippz : he really is well behaved
    Erehwon : I wasnt banned ever too
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Lol
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    Erehwon : *pretending
    Chippz : my first was banned because i swore here
    Chippz : someone was bein rude to me
    Sozal : They deserved it!
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Oh should have hit that person with a bat
    Clinicallyinsane2 : No?
    Chippz : i did (in my mind)
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Lol good
    Chippz : Worst part is I was very sleepy so it snapped me awake when I got told "you can't message here anymore lol"
    Erehwon : Pressed BAT or not
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Lol
    Clinicallyinsane2 : Sometimes they unban you
    Chippz : Nope gone for good
    Erehwon : Sozal your turn