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    Miku33 : likewise
    FabulousRain : ^-^
    Grammaticas : the meaning of which is that you cannot escape your troubles
    24ktgold : no and having trouble fig out the new 1 gram as not 2 techy
    Grammaticas : oh a new one cool
    24ktgold : so i'm on the old 1 that's falling apart
    Grammaticas : lol somebody i know is always swearing at their phone and i'm like get a new one
    Grammaticas : but they say nooooo i will have to learn everything over
    chubbycd has just logged out
    24ktgold : yes it's some apple 13 tablet i believe sent to me as a gift w/t touch screen key board
    Grammaticas : wow super duper 24
    FabulousRain : lol
    24ktgold : i need max and he moved away lol
    Grammaticas : super duper lemon scooper
    imax1 : I'm sorry....
    24ktgold : where u from may i ask rain ?
    AnGeLAnGeLiCa has just logged in
    Miku33 : heavens
    pepperweed has just logged in
    FabulousRain : Small town in washington
    Grammaticas : its a frosted angel
    FabulousRain : So small rarely anyone has heard of it
    FabulousRain : Lol
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    Dentalsucks has just logged in
    imax1 : clap for the wolfman....
    Alex7219 has just logged in
    24ktgold : close to where some of my moms family was from t y rain
    Grammaticas : try us rain
    24ktgold : pepper gtcu
    Miku33 : naah rain... don't tell much in here
    FabulousRain : Really? that's cool
    Miku33 : don't trust those weridos
    FabulousRain : Don't worry I'm not
    Miku33 : weirdos*
    FabulousRain : Lol
    imax1 : ah, Idontwantaknowwhere Washington...
    anniebrown6041 has just logged in
    Miku33 : lol Max
    FabulousRain : XD
    AnGeLAnGeLiCa has just logged out
    Grammaticas : yeah i'm a gonna stalk you
    Grammaticas : not
    imax1 : but the picture has a mustache.....
    FabulousRain : <.<
    24ktgold : lol max
    lisacd1956 has just logged out
    FabulousRain : Uh you can try but people around here know my family, lol
    Grammaticas : moustache
    anniebrown6041 : hii