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    MikeJsp has just logged out
    mk12vegas : my day is ok ty
    Alialhajiri222 has just logged in
    Curse000 : Glad to hear!
    Curse000 : I need to find new trouble to get into when I'm done lunch
    Hesit8r has just logged in
    flawless04 has just logged out
    mk12vegas : lol
    jd5205 has just logged in
    mk12vegas : 2pac trouble some
    Hxllish : successfully changed my nickname, thanks clickies for the suggestion
    Clickies : :D
    mk12vegas : baseball
    Jornz : Clickies should change it to "keyboards"
    Jornz : Troublesome ninthy m*** ninety six
    Clickies : Keyboards make clickies, so I'm close enough
    Jornz : ;)
    Curse000 : /swat
    Clickies : Wait. You're on TC too?
    Clickies : Wow
    Jornz : Swat?? Is that you swat woman?
    Rozyie has just logged out
    Curse000 : Idk what that means
    Ayushalone1 has just logged in
    Clickies : That last photo is from TC, right? @ Jornz
    Jornz : I knew one chatter in her neighbourhood swat had an mission old chatter
    Jornz : Hold on lemme check
    Jornz : It's a quiz room from another chat site
    FeedU2DaMonsta has just logged out
    Clickies : I'm asking if the chat site is TC lol
    jake1n1 has just logged out
    Jornz : No
    Jornz : it's 32....
    Loverlolly has just logged in
    Clickies : 32?
    Jornz : Not good to name full site can get banned
    YungBoi19 has just logged in
    Clickies : IM me?
    Bobbie80 has just logged out
    Jornz : You trying to ban me hm lol
    Clickies : No you won't get banned if you IM lol
    Clickies : It's definitely made by the same people who made TC
    Limini has just logged in
    Jornz : Hmm now i remember they have a lot of alternative sites but 32... is original
    Jornz : No i meant here not on im
    Clickies : 32 is the very first?
    SexyBadass21 : Hi
    mikeymike7377 has just logged in
    bulgaro15 : Hello Badass
    Jornz : It's original. All the rest sites are alternatives