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    Arunbond007 : if someone got berserk and about to chop your head, then use the power of 11
    Grammacles : i like to do things the french way
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    Grammacles : you mean two fingers?
    Sozal : French fries
    Grammacles : in the eyes?
    darq : Bach
    Grammacles : french letter
    Arunbond007 : that is a mild version if the enemy is less powerful than us
    Grammacles : mozart
    Sozal : Wb darqu
    darq : Just saw that deluded git mention betrayal lol
    Arunbond007 : otherwise use the bigger version, the bigger 11
    darq : Thx
    darq : Honestly..
    Sozal : French soup
    Grammacles : erm two fists?
    darq : Betrayed by someone who never was involved with?
    Grammacles : french kiss
    Arunbond007 : bigger 11 = two god giver legs, and run as fast as you can
    Sozal : Two fingers in both eyes!
    darq : Scary world of stalkers
    Arunbond007 : given legs
    Grammacles : soz is with me on this lol
    Eliiv : wb darq
    Eliiv : *reads what I missed*
    Arunbond007 : if one remain indifferent there, that may be his or her last indifference
    darq : Tanks
    Grammacles : french bread
    darq : French Toast
    Arunbond007 : but there is something called destiny too, none can escape from that
    Arunbond007 : even how fast one run
    Grammacles : destiny calling
    Grammacles : quick dial 911
    Grammacles : or 999 if in the uk
    darq : Autechre - Bike
    Arunbond007 : to a bright future or a fall, the destiny calls, my fellow men
    Sozal : Destiny 2
    Arunbond007 : but whatever it is, there is something far beyond
    Eliiv : Past, present and future are all happening at the same time.. so, u r the master of your own destiny
    Grammacles : might as well run straight for it if there's no avoiding it
    Eliiv : < ordering food brb
    Sozal : Change your destiny with your two fingers!
    darq : What food ya gettin?
    Grammacles : there's the next smash hit videogame - final destiny
    Sozal : I like final destination movies
    darq : I'm hungry too. Not sure what I'll have
    Grammacles : btw i'm going to see the guy that wrote the music for Final Fantasy play next week
    Arunbond007 : okay friends, time to go to bed here in india