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    Sozal : IM
    Chippz has just logged in
    Chippz : yo
    Sozal : Dear Kyra, my savior
    mk1vegas : lol
    Erehwon : ChiPpZ
    joeyjon6969 has just logged in
    Erehwon : Lol SoZaL
    Chippz : i met someone who was a mod, don't even know how i stumbled on that
    Chippz : but i did
    Sozal : Then?
    mk1vegas : name?
    Chippz : uhhh
    Erehwon : Nice name
    Chippz : i don't remember what his name was when he was a mod
    Chippz : thanks won
    mk1vegas : burp
    Erehwon : Anytime!
    mk1vegas : ice cream sandwich time
    69juanito69 has just logged out
    Chippz : variable09
    Chippz : he probably watching me rn
    Chippz : had to look
    Sozal : *looks around*
    Jayne1985 has just logged in
    Sozal : *covers all cctvs*
    Chippz : you recognize it nasher?
    mk1vegas : hi jayne
    mk1vegas : i dont recognize
    AM0RlSS has just logged in
    AM0RlSS : Hey
    mk1vegas : hi amoris
    AM0RlSS : Mk hi
    Tobe404 has just logged in
    AM0RlSS : I hope she is still around
    Sozal : Hi amoris
    AM0RlSS : Michiii
    Stephan737 has just logged in
    AM0RlSS : Hi sozal
    AM0RlSS : Logged out already
    AM0RlSS : Or may be dc
    Sozal : Who?
    AM0RlSS : Mk if she comes back pay my regards to her and ask her wellness
    AM0RlSS : Jayne1985
    Sozal : Ah
    AM0RlSS : Lol yeah my very old friend here
    Chippz : i remember u amo but u may not know my name now <3
    AM0RlSS : No chipz
    AM0RlSS : I dont know your old name
    mk1vegas : ok amoris