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    Jayne1985 : XOXOXOX
    Jayne1985 : Mom called
    AM0RlSS : Missed you michu where were you
    AM0RlSS : How is she
    Jayne1985 : Bed
    AM0RlSS : Jumps on your tree
    Jayne1985 : Don't shake the fruits out
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    AM0RlSS : Haha dont worry i wont
    Jayne1985 : Pancreatic cancer
    AM0RlSS : Whaaat
    AM0RlSS : Huggs michu you will be fine
    Jayne1985 : Have to see specialist in Kalamazoo soon
    Jayne1985 : What doesn't kill you makes you stronger right
    AM0RlSS : When
    AM0RlSS : Yesss
    AM0RlSS : And my michu is way much stronger
    Jayne1985 : I can't stay long
    mk1vegas : happy friday
    AM0RlSS : Its just fine
    Jayne1985 : Medicine makes me feel yucky
    Jayne1985 : Sleep alot
    mk1vegas : happy memorial day weekend
    Jayne1985 : Thanks combo dear friend
    Jayne1985 : Happy memorial to you as well
    AM0RlSS : Its ok michu
    mk1vegas : thanks my friend take care
    Jayne1985 : What's the numbers for amore
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    AM0RlSS : You are always part of my prayers
    DaddyLuvsU2 has just logged in
    Jayne1985 : Always
    AM0RlSS : If you forgot how to reach and ever need anything
    AM0RlSS : I am by your side
    Jayne1985 : You're wonderful always to me
    Jayne1985 : Email number
    AM0RlSS : You know you are always special to me
    Jayne1985 : I have to add international
    AM0RlSS : Yes i will send you email
    Jayne1985 : <3
    Jayne1985 : Thank you combo
    AM0RlSS : Love you always stay blessed
    Jayne1985 : I need this
    Jayne1985 : Love you too patibear
    AM0RlSS : Haha you remember lol
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    Jayne1985 : Namaskar
    Jayne1985 : I do
    AM0RlSS : Namaskar