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    AmishEpicBeardman : well well well, just as I suspected...................................................
    AmishEpicBeardman : max is here
    Grammacles : no shit sherlock
    Succulency : This one time.. at band camp
    fieldingll : and how many to celibate
    imax1 : ooh la la - faces
    Succulency : I got the bassoon..
    AmishEpicBeardman : and of course the wannbe musician
    Succulency : Clio - Eyes
    Grammacles : its wannabe not wannbe
    PuzzleBox : lol
    Grammacles : get it right
    AmishEpicBeardman : oh sorry, wannabe
    fieldingll : "Se...x and the Single celibate"...must read that
    PuzzleBox : and the kfc wannabe fat chicks chaser
    PuzzleBox : :)
    Grammacles : shortest book ever written field
    punq : Another ever cheery guy
    AmishEpicBeardman : this room attracts fat chicks like a magnet
    punq : Why even bother
    punq : Ah shaddap
    punq : If you dislike it, why even enter?
    Grammacles : shaddap a your face
    Succulency : Yup
    PuzzleBox : are you kidding pun, he is still in search for the perfect fat chick
    AmishEpicBeardman : and drunken Irish men
    Grammacles : in the immortal words of Joe Dulce
    Grammacles : define perfect fat chick
    PuzzleBox : only Amish can define that.
    punq : Trolling is so 2005
    punq : Hey puzzler, Gram, all
    Grammacles : punq lol
    kumeater01 has just logged in
    Grammacles : hey there kiddo
    PuzzleBox : hello :)
    crew11 has just logged in
    Grammacles : didja make a hot single yet?
    jasonborn1969 has just logged in
    Debbierail has just logged in
    jasonborn1969 : hi all
    Grammacles : or even a hot album
    Grammacles : jason lives in florida
    punq : A duet with Jedward
    Grammacles : just thought i'd let you know
    jasonborn1969 : hi gram how are you?
    punq : The hottest act around
    Grammacles : lol but thats a trio
    fieldingll : ...Well, shake it up, baby, now Twist and shout Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now...." maybe that's how it happens
    punq : Well, they are kinda one
    Grammacles : yes field dear that's exactly how it happens