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    Eliiv : Bibles pictures are the best
    Eliiv : xD
    Grammacles : C?est fantastique
    Eliiv : Always something to discuss
    imax1 : pac2...
    Grammacles : true enough
    Eliiv : Gram is using phone? xD
    Eliiv : Max :D
    Grammacles : Yes I?m in bed on phone
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    kathyarielchaney : Real
    blackandfitfellow has just logged out
    Eliiv : Yeah, the question marks curse
    Grammacles : Sure weed apple glitch
    Grammacles : *weird
    kathyarielchaney : Can one of you blast the ice off of our roads?
    Grammacles : my phone has decided to become a stoner
    Eliiv : lol
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    AssMouth : I'm gonna miss AssCheeks
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    Grammacles : Must be maxs influence
    AssMouth : This username is vulgar AF
    AssMouth : At least the former was funny.
    Grammacles : No comment
    kathyarielchaney : hello former azzcheeks
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    SilverBubble : nnn
    imax1 : :)))
    Grammacles : Huh?
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    imax1 : was pac'n a bowl.....
    kathyarielchaney : what's max smilin about?
    kathyarielchaney : seems very happy
    Grammacles : wow we would never have guessed
    imax1 : yeah, asscheeks was a good name....
    BibleGirl : Lol
    Grammacles : Such an unusual thing for you to do
    kathyarielchaney : how'd you lose the user @ C
    Grammacles : It was? Ok
    imax1 : I know right...
    Grammacles : I thought it sucked ass
    kathyarielchaney : pun?
    AssMouth : Funnay!
    imax1 : that could be a future name... ya never know...
    Grammacles : kinda
    kathyarielchaney : could be already
    Grammacles : your future name is puffcheeks
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