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    Grammacles : lol you are trying to change history katya
    Katya856 : i have a hunch what that's all about
    Grammacles : yeah rhythm never chats in the room anymore
    Grammacles : hiya soz :)
    Katya856 : i mean that munch i want to shout
    Sozal : Hey grampuu ^_^
    Grammacles : lol you're on a roll katya
    Sozal : I wonder what happened to her
    Grammacles : all good there soz?
    Sozal : Maybe its a bot
    Sozal : All good grampu, you?
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    Katya856 : not a bot but yes to roll
    Katya856 : think about that
    Katya856 : and let me know
    Grammacles : well very creative bot in that case lol
    Sozal : I meant rhythm
    Grammacles : not many bots speak poetically
    Grammacles : ohhhhh lol ok
    Katya856 : nope just spewing nonsense
    Katya856 : low level in here haha
    Grammacles : aka much poetry katya lol
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    Katya856 : low bar? low hurdle? low hanging fruit?
    Grammacles : well if rhythm is a bot then some rather odd christians must have programmed it
    Grammacles : go on just say it - low iq lol
    Sozal : Callthecode, give us a sign to help youuuuu
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    Katya856 : i don't know about that christians programming?
    Katya856 : isn't computers the devil's work?
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    Grammacles : all i have seen her typing here is "slava ukraine" or some such
    Grammacles : according to some katya yes
    Grammacles : amish types
    Katya856 : if its not in the bible then its sin,isnt it?
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    Grammacles : i guess
    Grammacles : some take it very literally
    Katya856 : and if the forefathers didn't do it then its unpatriotic
    Katya856 : literal when convenient only
    Grammacles : well describing twitter etc as hellish is pretty accurate
    Katya856 : isn't that the way?
    Grammacles : no wonder musk backed off
    Grammacles : no idea i'm no expert on christian fundamentalists
    Katya856 : gramm i feel we have to let others speak also
    Grammacles : was reading something about the shakers recently tho
    Grammacles : mostly because i wanted to know why they were called that
    Katya856 : maybe shakes for covering roof (split wood)