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    zombii : Yup
    juliehateschopsticks : you hang your socks on coat hangers?
    zombii : I have so many socks
    zombii : Nuuu
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Nooo my clothes lol
    zombii : That would be a tiny hanger
    zombii : Imagines individual socks on hangers*
    juliehateschopsticks : lol ok was beginning to wonder if maybe you need to go live in a "very nice peaceful place " lol
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    zombii : Like a wardrobe for hamsters
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Slight breeze socks be on floor lol
    zombii : Haha ,julei
    zombii : 'Here are the nice men in white coats. They're goin to take to out for the day'
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Yeah with velcro walls and velcro straight jackets lol heaven :))
    zombii : Changes locks*
    zombii : xD
    juliehateschopsticks : lolol
    juliehateschopsticks : stop i have to return some rented wine lololol
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Imagine the fun yaaay
    zombii : Ha
    zombii : Yippee
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    zombii : Nice comfy walls
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Rented wine? Lol
    zombii : Hmm. How does that work
    LadyAphroditesKiss : *picks locks*
    zombii : Does impression of mother bird*
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Zombii i was thinking same lol
    zombii : xD
    zombii : I was actually thinking one step worse
    zombii : But that was the PG version
    LadyAphroditesKiss : You can rent wine in usa? Lol
    zombii : Loggin soon, me eds startin to ache
    LadyAphroditesKiss : You take back the empty used bottle? Lol
    juliehateschopsticks : yup one glass at a time lol
    zombii : Actually now. Good night, God bless, Ladyship, julei
    zombii : All troops here
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Yeah i am getting tired :(
    juliehateschopsticks : nite zombi
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    LadyAphroditesKiss : Zombii lol night night tc sleep well :)
    zombii : Nice to chat. Be well and sleep soundly
    imax1 : night night.....
    zombii : Gnight max too
    zombii : High5s xx
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    i3luvmusic : hey there
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Goodnight tc y'all hugsss friebds laters bye.....
    OldControler has just logged in
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Night, night :))