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    BumbleBailey : Hi Gram
    Grammacles : hi curse
    Grammacles : i had a dentist appointment today and when it came round i was like - you know what? no!
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    Grammacles : can't be dealing with it
    Grammacles : people poking around with needles in my mouth
    BumbleBailey : The dentist is important tho
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    Grammacles : yeah just had a lot of it lately
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    BumbleBailey : Ohh well maybe they like you and now you've let them down by not showing up
    Grammacles : sometimes enough is enough
    Grammacles : lol not that kind of relationship
    BumbleBailey : You can't have enough poking around your mouth tho.
    Grammacles : lol says you
    BumbleBailey : Yes haha
    Grammacles : if you were british everyone would be in stitches laughing now
    BumbleBailey : If you need stitches after the dentist maybe it's best to skip it
    BumbleBailey : They don't sound very nice haha
    Wheremybabygirl : Girl's read my profile please
    BumbleBailey : No it's probably icky
    Wheremybabygirl : Please read my profile Girl's
    Grammacles : haha well that was what i was afraid of and just couldn't face it today
    Grammacles : normally i'm like let's do this but not today
    Staceyprime : Hi
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    BumbleBailey : That makes sense I guess. My last dentist was a butcher
    Grammacles : yeah i had a pretty fearsome extraction recently and i'm clearly not over it lol
    BumbleBailey : Fearsome doesn't sound good haha
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    Grammacles : it wasn't - the guy was good but it left quite a wound
    faps : Not just yet tho
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    GreenvilleGuy42 : Hey all
    BumbleBailey : That sounds rough. Hopefully it gets better soon
    BumbleBailey : Hi Greenville
    Grammacles : yeah well the point of the extraction was so they could get to another tooth that they were going to fill today
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    BumbleBailey : That makes sense. Are they putting it back after haha
    Grammacles : lol but i am thinking about getting an implant to fill the gap
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    BumbleBailey : That sounds expensive
    Grammacles : yeah they are but i only want one
    Grammacles : around $3k per tooth