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    punq : Hey puzzler, Gram, all
    Grammacles : punq lol
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    Grammacles : hey there kiddo
    PuzzleBox : hello :)
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    Grammacles : didja make a hot single yet?
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    jasonborn1969 : hi all
    Grammacles : or even a hot album
    Grammacles : jason lives in florida
    punq : A duet with Jedward
    Grammacles : just thought i'd let you know
    jasonborn1969 : hi gram how are you?
    punq : The hottest act around
    Grammacles : lol but thats a trio
    fieldingll : ...Well, shake it up, baby, now Twist and shout Come on, come on, come, come on, baby, now...." maybe that's how it happens
    punq : Well, they are kinda one
    Grammacles : yes field dear that's exactly how it happens
    Grammacles : they always totally creeped me out tbh
    punq : Same, pal!
    punq : I get a horrid feeling they are closer than they should be
    fieldingll : and just think...I thought that was just a song...and not a guide to celibacy...."
    Grammacles : i mean talk about pure naked ambition those guys would do anything for exposure
    punq : Rosie Gaines 'Closer Than Close'
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    punq : Brb/bbl troops
    PuzzleBox : tyt
    punq : Be good
    Grammacles : those beatles knew their stuff - why don't we do it in the road is another one field
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    Grammacles : i mean if that's not a good reason to be celibate i don't know what is
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    jasonborn1969 : says hi from fort pierce, florida
    Grammacles : see you punqette
    jasonborn1969 : gram, i foget, are you in england?
    fieldingll : "...For goodness sake I got the hippy hippy shakes Yeah, I've got the shakes I got the hippy hippy shakes...." it's all going on around us....and to think they are dying out....
    jasonborn1969 : forget
    Grammacles : yup london england here
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    jasonborn1969 : wow, london, must be an exciting city
    Grammacles : lol yeah kinda
    Grammacles : depending on what excites you
    Tatiana0415 : night all
    Grammacles : night tati
    jasonborn1969 : I want to see Stonehenge and Big Ben Bell
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