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    6ftgrneyedgrl : Right!
    Clickies : The movie?
    6ftgrneyedgrl : What movie
    BBBThree : no,,,Annie Lennox, lead singer of eurytmics
    XavierValent : It'll be cool to use NI Massive again on a remix of your tune.
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Right
    XavierValent : Maybe some serum wavetables.
    moodygit : Hey young clickseh
    Clickies : hey mods
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Ok ok it?s after midnight
    moodygit : Yea.. i love hearing my songs done in another way
    6ftgrneyedgrl : I?m going to turn into a pumpkin
    moodygit : Whether on guitar or electronic
    BBBThree : beware of peter Punkin eater then
    Clickies : lol b3
    6ftgrneyedgrl : Nighty night guys
    moodygit : Feel honoured actually. Id love to hear a crowd sing lyrics ive written too
    BBBThree : pleasant dreams 6'
    moodygit : Must be surreal af
    6ftgrneyedgrl has just logged out
    moodygit : Night 6er
    moodygit : Aww dang
    moodygit : Fast
    moodygit : Bless her
    moodygit : Da booze in motion
    blackherman has just logged in
    moodygit : I'd probably get banned quick if drunk here or make some absolute waffle until drifting n drooling
    moodygit : Snoreeee*
    Clickies : imagine drinking
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    moodygit : Want one more, X?
    moodygit : An instrumental atm
    moodygit : Quite a few changes, but welcome to try to make a version or part
    moodygit : It'll prob stay an instrumental
    AnnaStrong has just logged in
    moodygit : The tempo is gonna get lowered for certain
    moodygit : Some tracks just need that lil tweak
    moodygit : Ok, bed soon
    moodygit : Otherwise moody × 100 later
    moodygit : Hulks out**
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    moodygit : Night God Bless, troops x
    moodygit : High 5's all*
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