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    mk11gamer : really
    Brokeninside2247 : I dont have a girl tho
    Luckeii : Wishes I was from the Caribbean
    poppa300 has just logged in
    kookjoo : dont give up. Ittakes time.
    Brokeninside2247 : Im a single pringle
    poppa300 has just logged out
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Brandon is a name faggoted I can beat you in mk
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Lmao
    mk11gamer : go jingle
    Brokeninside2247 : Tru, it does take time
    mk11gamer : your brenden
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Faggoted don't know we're twins
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Lol
    mk11gamer : brenden your troll here
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    kookjoo : I face time withmy grand son a few times a week
    StreetRacerGirl : hi anyone wanna rp with me just pm me
    mk11gamer : lets race
    Brokeninside2247 : Kookjo r u single?
    BrandonLovesRose30 : I can win with Ermac and you can't believe it
    mk11gamer : brenden race to mcdonalds
    Brokeninside2247 : Kookjoo*
    BrandonLovesRose30 : You can't beat a professional Gamer like me
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Brandon Eyes
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Lol
    mk11gamer : get out of here nobody likes u
    TwinkleSparkle2297 has just logged in
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Keep wish you were mad
    kookjoo : heybroke
    DirtyScoobi has just logged in
    Brokeninside2247 : Kookjoo r u single or married?
    kookjoo : yes broke
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Mk lives in Florida
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Please
    Brokeninside2247 : Which one? Lol
    kookjoo : i am single
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Lol
    Brokeninside2247 : Ooh interesting
    kookjoo : i am also 71 yrs old
    mk11gamer : im in california
    mk11gamer : learn to read
    mk11gamer : your dum
    dizzydi01 has just logged in
    BrandonLovesRose30 : You can be fake
    BrandonLovesRose30 : Lol
    Brokeninside2247 : Thats cool, love a silver fox
    mk11gamer : gtfo brenden nobody likes u
    Brokeninside2247 : 71 is a cool age