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    BumbleBailey : I really like that name tho lol
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    nightflite : Ha.. someone will prob have the username soon
    nightflite : Its happened a few times
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    nightflite : There's one guy who definitely used one slang term of mine for a name
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    nightflite : Ever see RoboCop 2?
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    nightflite : theres a substance in that called Nuke
    nightflite : With all diff colours and names
    BumbleBailey : I don't think I've seen that
    nightflite : But a harder droog.. not plant based
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    nightflite : Prices are crazy.. i wanted to buy a clipper lighter tonight.. just a basic one, from my friends local store
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    nightflite : Basically 3 U.S bucks
    nightflite : No cool design or anything
    nightflite : Even the basic disposable was near 2.00
    BumbleBailey : I bought a basic lighter last week for almost $3 Canadian.
    nightflite : The exchange rate for Canada to UK was awesome years back
    nightflite : Got some steelbook blurays for bout 5 UK pounds
    nightflite : Cheap cheap
    BumbleBailey : Canada money is ridiculous
    nightflite : How times change
    nightflite : Is Trudeau still the Primeminister? President?
    BumbleBailey : Idk who's mayor of Canada anymore
    BumbleBailey : I don't watch the news
    BumbleBailey : I don't think he's gone tho, I'm sure I would have heard about it
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    nightflite : All in the same scumbag club regardless. They are not like regular common folks
    nightflite : Regardless of money.. promises, big talk and photo opportunities
    imax1 : irregular.....
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    nightflite : Unbalanced
    nightflite : Ministry - Over The Shoulder
    nightflite : My friends dog is so cute. Not really chihuahua fan, but its like Pikachu
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    nightflite : Not super bug-eyed, got big ears and the smoothest lil sandy coat xD
    nightflite : Tiny lil thing lol
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    BumbleBailey : Tiny dogs are funny. I prefer big dogs tho
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    BumbleBailey : I have to go. BYE FOR NOW
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