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    CalltheCode has just logged in
    zombii : Bargain labels or rare items?
    txcowboy218 has just logged in
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Yeah but covid hit out hard too
    zombii : Mhmm
    zombii : I should do a stall sometime
    blackherman has just logged in
    zombii : Ill just be fussy with folks gettin grubby hands on stuff n not buyin
    zombii : Buys glass cabinet*
    SilverBubble has just logged in
    zombii : N attack dogs
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Yeah sometimes can grab a bargain can't remember last item i bought at carboot lol
    zombii : XD
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    zombii : I got a record. Armand Van Helden. A quid I think
    zombii : Sleeve was a lil tatty, but record was nr mint
    juliehateschopsticks : how much is a quid
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Oh i took my 3 with me one time omg peoples reactions were mixed lol
    zombii : Used to be dodgy DVD fellas at each lol
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    zombii : I guess young uns were prob bored, if teens, but lil uns love it
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Gbp to us dollar conversion :))
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    zombii : Usually early mornings so i guess the beheaded grumps too
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    LadyAphroditesKiss : My 3 dobies lol :)
    zombii : Ohhh. Sorry. I was thinkin the bairns
    zombii : Rather than the 3 muskerhounds
    LadyAphroditesKiss : What bairns lol
    MrSecret69 has just logged out
    zombii : I know. I guess i knew, but then thought I forgot
    zombii : Ladys secret clan
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Yeah well a young lady walking 3 full grown dobies all walking loose leads too, faces were amazed lol
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    zombii : I also thought more of their reactions rather than the other people
    zombii : Lol
    shishhort has just logged in
    LadyAphroditesKiss : No my pooches are well trained :)
    zombii : Doggos would be like 'ooh ooh new people! Burgers! Popcorn! Things to chew!'
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    zombii : Maybe I'll get another pooch someday. Theres a nice English BullTerrier that a chap walks near here
    zombii : Kinda unloved with their big noses, but i love em
    LadyAphroditesKiss : I even sat and had a coffee a little girl came over and was fussing them, her parents looked scared but thor gave her his paw lol
    zombii : Such nutters
    zombii : Awe. See.