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    Freed83 has just logged out
    Erehwon : I am told about a good button
    Erehwon : Ignore
    Erehwon : Use it
    Chippz : lol he got a point
    Chippz : Wait I remember you
    seanDante69 has just logged in
    Erehwon : Yes ErEewhon
    DeadB0lt : Mike why are you actively supporting pedophiles and Satanism in this chat?
    DeadB0lt : Mike I would love to know why
    DeadB0lt : Can we talk Mike?
    cherry2213 : hiiii
    DeadB0lt : I would really like to have a conversation with you
    Chippz : hello cherry
    cherry2213 : @chippz hi
    DeadB0lt : Mike one of these people Newdle claims he is a police officer
    Kellyluvzfeet has just logged in
    Chippz : howzit ms cherry
    TexasGrace has just logged out
    DeadB0lt : Mike I would like to understand why you are not banning these people, instead you are actively supporting them
    makesuhappy has just logged in
    Pinocchio02 : Hello there nowhere backward how are you today?
    mk1vegas : im not mike
    Avakitty has just logged in
    Erehwon : Hello pino i am good thanks for asking, yourself?
    Erehwon : Mk talk to us
    Erehwon : Dont reply
    Pinocchio02 : I am finer than a frogs hair split 4 ways
    beautifulnature85 has just logged in
    Chippz : it ain't worth your breath
    Erehwon : That's cool pino
    mk1vegas : smoke lol
    mk1vegas : im not mike ask anyone here
    Erehwon : Yes lol
    Erehwon : Again lol
    mk1vegas : is that dummy mastbow clone me
    Pinocchio02 : But you have to remember Pinocchio lies a lot
    Chippz : except we know when pinocchio lies
    LAKjr96 has just logged in
    Pinocchio02 : Don't try to confuse the issue with facts
    Erehwon : Ah pino we can catch that
    Erehwon : Mk who cares if you are mike or not dont explain yourself
    Pinocchio02 : I have two really bad habits. The first one is that I lie a lot, I enjoy lying and that's the truth you can believe that
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    Stephan737 has just logged in
    Chippz : my bad habit is that i cannot stop forming spaghetti on command out of thin air.
    mk1vegas : thanks won
    bill5151 has just logged out
    mk1vegas : do u twist the fork for the spaghetti
    Erehwon : Anytime!