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    zombii : Yea, staffys need a lot of exercise. Otherwise you might end up with zoomies often, chewed furniture, footwear etc
    zombii : So many buy dogs but arent prepared to walk them enough
    DeadSexy2 : What's a zoomie
    zombii : I used to walk miles
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Most breeds do this from boredom not just lack of excersize
    zombii : When they have a random sudden burst of energy
    zombii : Ds
    DeadSexy2 : Oh. Thanks
    zombii : and run and run and spin
    zombii : And run
    zombii : And go all googly eyed
    zombii : And run
    Theotherrealtucky : Zoomies......running back n forth fast as a rocket lol
    juliehateschopsticks : i gettem i can relate lolol
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Yes exactly chasing their rails too etc
    DeadSexy2 : Yeah we walk ours and take them out to run loose
    zombii : Yup! Please check out Puddy on YT, the zoomies vids
    zombii : She is fast and hilarious
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Tails***
    zombii : And tails, Lady
    zombii : Dang. Got it first
    zombii : Blah
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    juliehateschopsticks : <<<<<<<<<<<suffers from a RAGING case of adhd
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    zombii : Staffys are happy with a rope on a tree that they can just pull and pull
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Most get pups but don't read up on breed etc then pup gets sold on and not pups fault :(
    zombii : If too high they just hang and keep doin it, but low enough and you see their hind muscles in particular
    zombii : So powerful but quite small
    zombii : Yup, Ladyship
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Julie you ok?
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    zombii : I dislike how money is the main thing with many uk breeders
    zombii : Yhe un
    zombii : Unofficial
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Boxers are similar to staffy muscle wise too
    zombii : Not legit
    zombii : Id care where my pups end up
    zombii : And if the people and place was right
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Zombii oh i know sad times
    zombii : Yea, bit leggier though Ladyship
    zombii : True :(
    zombii : Seems odd seeing boxer dogs with tails
    zombii : I grew up with them all docked
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Yes they are lol all legs and their tail is a bone too
    zombii : Hate seein ears cut on pits etc
    zombii : :(
    zombii : true, ouch