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    Damienxxxx0xxxx has just logged in
    zombii : Ive not really encountered many dobes
    zombii : I wanna pet yours now
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Or the two or the three lol
    zombii : How tall are they would you say
    zombii : Yes!
    zombii : The gang of recruits
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Mine are tall lol
    daisydaisy has just logged in
    zombii : I mean to my waist?
    zombii : Im 6'2
    zombii : Taller?
    imax1 : they'd be... just the right height....
    LadyAphroditesKiss : About 28 - 29 inches ish
    zombii : Lemme convert that
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Go visit a couple of reputable breeders :)
    imax1 : ball height....
    zombii : Ah got ya, lower than waist
    zombii : Ball height lol
    zombii : Ideally not g
    zombii : Argh
    zombii : Not facin there *
    SageQuinn has just logged in
    zombii : not with dobey chompers
    zombii : My mates moms dog always used to head straight for the nether regions
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Hahaha i just clicked what max meant now "ball height" lmao
    collegeboyslim has just logged out
    zombii : As soon as you walked through the door
    zombii : Not tennis ball
    dadshere1963 has just logged out
    zombii : Pennis ball
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Hahaha
    zombii : Did we break julei
    zombii : Spun her head?
    zombii : dogs spinning around
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Mine are really good on and off lead in parks, on beach and in towns etc :)
    zombii : 'Arf arf arf arf arf arf'
    zombii : Nice. Can you walk them off lead on quiet paths etc
    collegeboyslim has just logged out
    zombii : I used to leave my pups collar n lead off more often than not
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Julie is making us all hot chocolate with marshmallows and chocolate sprinkles :)
    makesuhappy has just logged in
    zombii : She was so behaved and obedient
    zombii : Ooh. Thanks Sister Julei
    zombii : Truly Holy
    zombii : Its your influence, Lady
    zombii : Must be lol
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Zombii oh yes byt peoples reactions are bad on pathways in towns so they are on their leads :))
    juliehateschopsticks : grrrr julie is folding laundry pffft blows a bang out of her face lol
    LadyAphroditesKiss : Julie aaah ok "hands you mine to fold too" hehe