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    wecanbecomebor has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Oopsss.. Hope u sleep enough
    Blaze50BMG : Lol yea. This routine is messed up though
    caddywumpas has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Yeah right.. I would say fooked up lol
    Blaze50BMG : Cotton is best.. but not so fancy haha
    Joseph19831 : But its comfy tho lol
    Blaze50BMG : Lol yup
    Blaze50BMG : Yes certainly is :)
    Joseph19831 : I dont like itching n all coz of boxer lol
    Tobe404 has just logged in
    Blaze50BMG : Itching? Hahaha omg WOOL boxers would be Bad lol
    Joseph19831 : Wtf never ever use wool boxer lol
    Midnightmystery92 has just logged in
    Blaze50BMG : They make flannel ones too? hah
    Blaze50BMG : Ikr.. they would be outta their mind to make em from wool lol
    Midnightmystery92 has just logged out
    Joseph19831 : Not sure :p
    Blaze50BMG : Never stop itching lol
    Joseph19831 : <<<<< dont like itching lol
    Blaze50BMG : Yea...nuuuuuuuu lol
    Joseph19831 : Do u? :p
    bornmaverick has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : May be u like itching between legs lmao haahhaha
    Blaze50BMG : Haha who does?
    bornmaverick has just logged out
    Blaze50BMG : Itching too uncomfortable
    Joseph19831 : Idk some does :p who love to rub :p
    Blaze50BMG : Rubbing is different like massage maybe loool O.O
    Joseph19831 : Yeah it is specially in this sweaty time
    Blaze50BMG : Omg chiggers are terrible
    Joseph19831 : Lol is that panty massageM lmao
    Blaze50BMG : Sounds more like a wedgie hahaha
    Joseph19831 : Chiggers r -_-
    Joseph19831 : Hahahaha yeah :D
    Blaze50BMG : Some are so bad too...:'(((
    Joseph19831 : Yeah..
    Joseph19831 : So u just need to stop rubbing lol
    Blaze50BMG : And no see ems grrr
    Joseph19831 : I mean itching :p
    Blaze50BMG : Hahaha Right! Lol
    Joseph19831 : As always :p
    mandyme13 has just logged in
    Blaze50BMG : Rub a dub dub lol
    Joseph19831 : Rub rub rub omg lol