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    FootModelNiKiCastlez : I?m selling feet pictures, lmk.
    Blaze50BMG : The cartels are bad though
    Joseph19831 : Neither me lol
    RivvyGirl has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Can i sold me tow pics? In 10$
    Joseph19831 : Toe*
    JoseTXsa has just logged in
    JoseTXsa has just logged out
    Blaze50BMG : But years ago things were real bad with the cartels.. businesses were leaving Mexico..
    Blaze50BMG : But i also hear Mexico has opened up..
    Joseph19831 : May be mexican women r into bd sm lmao
    Blaze50BMG : Lol
    Joseph19831 : ^.^
    Joseph19831 : Is lady on?
    Blaze50BMG : She has not been here for a couple of days.. i miss her.
    Joseph19831 : She check i guess she in on
    Joseph19831 : May be in IMs lol
    alizchenar has just logged in
    Blaze50BMG : I seen her online.. but i think on mobile and she doesn't come to censored on mobile
    Joseph19831 : Idk lol.. May be she is busy with her mmm lol
    Joshall has just logged out
    Blaze50BMG : Maybe her garden lol
    Joseph19831 : Yeah whatever lol her clean shaved garden lol
    Blaze50BMG : O.o
    Joseph19831 : ^.^
    Blaze50BMG : That would be no garden lol
    xgentleshreex : Hmmmmm
    xgentleshreex : Hello blaze
    Blaze50BMG : Wb Shree :)
    Joseph19831 : Yeah no clean shaved is like grass free land :p
    xgentleshreex : Ty blaze
    Blaze50BMG : Like they do here.. always scraping the ground
    Blaze50BMG : Yw Shree
    Joseph19831 : Sounds cool
    Blaze50BMG : How is Shree?
    Blaze50BMG : I dont like ..
    xgentleshreex : I am good thanks and you blaze?
    Blaze50BMG : I am ok Shree thanks.
    Joseph19831 : U dont like what?
    xgentleshreex : Good to know that and yw blaze
    Blaze50BMG : Clean shaved yard haha
    Blaze50BMG : Grass is nice.. or gatden..
    Joseph19831 : No one like but some land should be clean shaved :0
    Joseph19831 : :p
    Blaze50BMG : They are afraid of snakes i think
    Joseph19831 : Grass is yes but not hairy grass :p