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    jupiter154 : I hope second wave will not come there and here Apsy
    Jeni888 has just logged out
    apsaraa : Here it's not completely cured living area is still in containment zone
    apsaraa : We are moving for our work
    caddywumpas has just logged in
    EvilMeetsBad has just logged in
    jupiter154 : bye for now friends. bye Apsy hugs niece
    apsaraa : Sisssss hugsss
    jupiter154 has just logged out
    apsaraa : Bibyeee uncle Take care hb
    EvilMeetsBad : Hi sissy hugs
    EvilMeetsBad : @_@
    Greaig : That username makes no sense
    Machiato6666 : I am really scary typing
    Machiato6666 : I scared everyone with my keyboard
    mostafa1997 has just logged in
    Machiato6666 : Never knew too offensive on text
    Machiato6666 : I. Theosy offensive on text in the wordl
    Joseph19831 : Hello
    SwissMoneyFirst : Feuersturm
    justbreathe801 has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Bad hugs ;)
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    Joseph19831 : Hi just
    justbreathe801 : hi
    Machiato6666 : Zeeeeee
    Joseph19831 : Hows ya?
    Blaze50BMG : Hi Joseph :P hugs
    Joseph19831 : Woo hooo blaze hugs ;) hello :p touches :p
    Machiato6666 : 11 11
    Blaze50BMG : Huggers Joseph, fancy seeing you here ;)
    Joseph19831 : Same here blaze ;)
    Joseph19831 : But atm i am not in any fancy outfit lmao
    Joseph19831 : Just in boxer hahahahah
    Blaze50BMG : Did you get to rest yesterday?
    Blaze50BMG : Lmao
    Joseph19831 : Yeah i did. And i took long nap.. Woke up at 1£]
    Joseph19831 : Am*
    Joseph19831 : Wbu?
    Blaze50BMG : Fancy pants :P
    Meganh1234 has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Fanty boxer :p
    Blaze50BMG : Nein nada lol