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    79steve has just logged out
    EvilMeetsBad : Hey jo;)
    Blaze50BMG : Aps left :(
    Joseph19831 : Hey bad hugs n touches ^^
    Joseph19831 : Blaze meet my oldest CH friend ^^
    jitu5125 has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Even first ;)
    Blaze50BMG : Hey Bad
    opala has just logged in
    chinoco has just logged in
    SublimeWeirdo : CH=chathour?
    Joseph19831 : Is bad busy in HOT PM? Lol
    Blaze50BMG : Who knows. . Maybe its too slow..
    woodworker37042 has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Wassup blaze? R u dreaming ur self with 3 men? :p
    Blaze50BMG : Bodybags etc are up lol
    Joseph19831 : May be she is tooo loud :p
    Blaze50BMG : Narrr pfft lol
    Joseph19831 : Bodybag is in adult
    Blaze50BMG : Loud?
    SteelFoil has just logged in
    Blaze50BMG : So loud i canny hear her hahaha
    Blaze50BMG : Yuppers
    Joseph19831 : Lmao me too cant hear :p
    Joseph19831 : May be she put something on her mouth? :p
    Blaze50BMG : Dang I miss going out in US.. good Mexican food.
    Blaze50BMG : Hahaha a mask lol
    Joseph19831 : Mexico isnt safe.. Mexi told me yesterday
    Joseph19831 : So stay home n be safe lnao
    Joseph19831 : Lmao*
    Blaze50BMG : How not safe?
    mrdate has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Yeah mask :p corona save her :p
    Joseph19831 : They treat women like a sla ve
    Blaze50BMG : Whats happening in Mexico?
    Blaze50BMG : Ahh.. lol The Mexican Police never bothered me haha
    Joseph19831 : Its not about its like tradition
    FootModelNiKiCastlez : I?m selling feet pictures, lmk.
    Blaze50BMG : The cartels are bad though
    Joseph19831 : Neither me lol
    RivvyGirl has just logged in
    Joseph19831 : Can i sold me tow pics? In 10$
    Joseph19831 : Toe*
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    Blaze50BMG : But years ago things were real bad with the cartels.. businesses were leaving Mexico..