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    AyamaX : skirt, this motion revealing a bit of skin between her naval and waist. Aya appeared to not have much in
    AyamaX : the way of weapons, she tilted her head slightly to the left as she analyzed her opponent's cool
    DellaOFCKnows : *raises katana and kills ayama*
    xXAle3Xx : (XD Della!
    AyamaX : composure. Aya ignored the sad roleplay attempt by Della and got back to the real challenge at hand.
    xXAle3Xx : Seriously!?
    xXAle3Xx : (Now hush della)
    xXAle3Xx : >-> Aya labtop dead
    xXAle3Xx : tomorrow going to buy a new charger.
    AyamaX : Aya dashed toward Alex, focusing all her strength into -
    AyamaX : I wasn't finished D:
    AyamaX : We continue this tomorrow then?
    xXAle3Xx : I mean right now getting a charger tomorrow fight.
    xXAle3Xx : ^-^ SOWWIE WUV
    xXAle3Xx has just logged out
    AyamaX : T-T
    Todaikun : awww....I was enjoying that! :(
    Todaikun : If you stop, I have to go back to grading papers. *(T_T)*
    UrSuperHero :  ~ transf0rms in rassh0pper
    UrSuperHero :  psyduck will fuk ur shit up if u ban me
    akirathevampire : Ok.
    akirathevampire : :l
    akirathevampire : I won't ban you.
    Elfprince1 : hi akira
    sm00th : *puts on furbie outfit*
    sm00th : *harlem s hakes*
    YouLackRespect : Fail.
    xYukiKanamex : -huggles akira-
    hoppelessromantic : Hi
    DellaLicious : lmaaaaaaaaoooooooo
    hoppelessromantic : wat are we roleplaying
    hoppelessromantic : ?
    ShinjitsuNoKoi : YOU HOPPE
    ShinjitsuNoKoi : You banned mostly everyone in Dias's room. e.e
    hoppelessromantic : wat
    Tayxia : Hnm.
    DellaLicious : LOL
    MakeMeASandwich : sex
    DellaLicious : drugs
    MakeMeASandwich : and dubstep
    ZeAki : Tay.
    ZeAki : Wai u here?
    ZeAki : ;o
    Tayxia : Why not?
    ZeAki : Because this room isn't meant to be hosted.
    ZeAki : Because it couldn't match up to Dias's room.
    ZeAki : >>
    Lukeatha18 : fgt
    SimplyLuke : ^ Oh shit, it's me! OH THE MEMORIES!