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    ShidareYanagi : -kisses your cheek-thanks babe
    1alphawolf : kisses bafk ok i made it
    ShidareYanagi : cool does it have >_>
    ShidareYanagi : <_<
    ShidareYanagi : ^/////^ a dirty pic of us for the background?
    1alphawolf :  go to my profile and look for a room calld me and my loved1
    1alphawolf : dont know how to get pics
    ShidareYanagi : you go to edit chatroom
    1alphawolf : i did it
    1alphawolf : have u jozin it
    1alphawolf : joind it
    ShidareYanagi : yep
    1alphawolf : ok seeya there babe ok
    1alphawolf : is that ok babe
    Lovesickgayboy : WHAT FUCK IS THIS SHIT!?!?!?!?!? ISAAC!?!?!?!?!?!
    ShidareYanagi : oh this was from before i met you babe
    ShidareYanagi has just logged out
    SinKeeper has just logged in
    WolfBloods : *Walks in*
    MaxieRules : Shi?
    WolfBloods : Hi maxie
    ShidareYanagi : hey guys
    MaxieRules : Haii Bella...Were shi?
    MaxieRules : *Huggles shi*
    ShidareYanagi : -hugs maxie
    WolfBloods : o,o I get no hug?
    WolfBloods : I am your aunt
    ShidareYanagi : if you scroll down there's music
    WolfBloods : ik
    ShidareYanagi : this is only the first room need to finish the thousands of other rooms
    WolfBloods : *Lays down lissing to the music*
    ShidareYanagi : i once made a whole city
    ShidareYanagi : -nuzzles maxie-
    WolfBloods : *ish getting tierd form the music*
    MaxieRules : *looks around*
    ShidareYanagi : chuckles and pokes bloods cheek-
    WolfBloods : *ish asleep*
    WolfBloods : (( Night I am ganna fall asleeep to this ))
    MaxieRules : *is crying and runs into shi's house from IMs*
    MaxieRules : shi?
    MaxieRules : has just logged out
    ShidareYanagi : hey sorry i was called away
    WolfBloods : Aw poor kid...
    ShidareYanagi has just logged out
    ShidareYanagi has just logged out
    ShidareYanagi : Wow
    ShidareYanagi : .
    ShidareYanagi : . 'm.
    ShidareYanagi : .