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    ThePhantom718 : Hello, if your a pro at chatting hit me up. I have a ton of questions : any one from anonymous : here : is the BEST ANONYMOUS HACKER !! : hello : yes whats up : hello : i need help on a op : f : hello : : This is what web site??
    dudeo0620 : web này là web chát của anonymous à??
    Mj1906 : i am in need of a serious hacker
    Mj1906 : can someone help me : anyone here : hello? : test : oh shit this thing gives part of my ip... : well then I have no business here
    john84vg has just logged in : hello
    xXTLannomUnhacked9Xx : hello
    xXTLannomUnhacked9Xx : Does anyone in this chat room know how to perform a DoS attack? : MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!! : i DO!!! : I DO! : im in anonymous : hello : im looking for a hacker : ZERO_CODE1@YAHOO.COM IS INDEED THE BEST HACKER : BUT HE CHARGES FOR HIS SERVICES.. HE IS GOOD.. : THANKS ADMIN FOR SHARING .PLZ GIVE US MORE GOOD HACKER
    juicybubbles101 : so im new on here and not sure exactly how this works im looking for some simple hacking info
    juicybubbles101 : I have done everything icsn think of
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    BrooklynBBC : hello : hello? : no one here eh?
    anonu67 : hey
    anonu67 : someone else is here rfarfhgrtfd
    anonu67 has just logged in : df is this tho : help me get my viber chats back to me. or screenshot of conversations will do\ : the number is +6392949580 and send it to my email
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