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    tmishangirl : yes also I am not one of your kind
    tmishangirl : India is your kind
    tmishangirl : you know the tablecloth wearing asian
    tmishangirl : you sure
    tmishangirl : why does it say you are from india?
    tmishangirl : not from india
    tmishangirl : it does stupid
    tmishangirl : sure it does ugly
    tmishangirl : no I am canadian duh
    tmishangirl : you know when white people moved my people from canada into alaska
    tmishangirl : I am surpise you can read
    tmishangirl : I didn't say I am white
    ModelCitizen : what the hell is this?
    tmishangirl : lol mike732 is pvt me and I dont do that
    NobodyAtTheStadium : A Team is better than you
    tmishangirl : you wanna go bro lol
    Slavish : Hi
    tmishangirl : hello
    Slavish : Hi
    tmishangirl : what do you want
    tmishangirl : no you cannot be my slave
    Slavish : Okay
    Slavish : Sad
    tmishangirl : gross
    Drmeano : Yo
    tmishangirl : hellow
    Drmeano : This is your chat you made?
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Are u really from Alaska?
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Speak Alaskan
    tmishangirl : yess i made this and sure alaskan is an language that everyone speaks
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Tell me you love me in Alaskan
    tmishangirl : I hate you lol
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Heyyy that looks alot like 'i hate you' in English
    NobodyAtTheStadium : That's crazy
    tmishangirl : lol I know right
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Lol
    NobodyAtTheStadium : What is B Team?
    tmishangirl : I didn't think of anything creative
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Lol So B Team was the best you could come up with
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Why not A Team
    tmishangirl : because when I think of A team I think of perfect and I am not trying to promote that here
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Ohh but you are perfect.
    NobodyAtTheStadium : At risk of sounding corny, you ARE perfect.
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Perception of "perfect" is different for everyone
    NobodyAtTheStadium : U speak Spanish
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Habla espanish?
    NobodyAtTheStadium : ¿Hola? senorita
    tmishangirl : a little
    NobodyAtTheStadium : Ok betty goo
    NobodyAtTheStadium : K take care