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    Liz4Les : yes
    Liz4Les : god yes
    Liz4Les : takeme
    ValerieLeigh : faster, and hand goes in deepr...and forms a fist inside you
    Liz4Les : yes valerie
    ValerieLeigh : my hand rotates to find you g spot
    Liz4Les : yes
    ValerieLeigh : then I presss hard on it and rotate my hand until you sing
    ValerieLeigh : in and out...repeatedly, \
    Liz4Les : i think you have it right there
    ValerieLeigh : pressing harder and harder on the spot and sucking your clit
    Liz4Les : yes
    Liz4Les : you are so good
    ValerieLeigh : pressing hard on lapping up your rock on my hand as I fuck you
    Liz4Les : i cant hold back
    Liz4Les : i need to cum sweetheart
    ValerieLeigh : hmmmmm presssing and holding hard against you
    ValerieLeigh : sucking and stretching your clit
    Liz4Les : hold and kiss me as i cu
    Liz4Les : m
    ValerieLeigh : holding \
    Liz4Les : yes
    Liz4Les : i cant hold it
    ValerieLeigh : kissing you gently
    ValerieLeigh : cum baby I want to feel your spasms on my hand
    Liz4Les : my pubic hair is all matted down and glistening in the room light
    ValerieLeigh : gently rotating to your thythm
    Liz4Les : do you shave?
    ValerieLeigh : hmmmm so wet so wet
    Liz4Les : my towel is soaked
    ValerieLeigh : right now i am trimmmed
    Liz4Les : hanks to my lover woman
    Liz4Les : ok
    ValerieLeigh : love a good soaking, dont you
    Liz4Les : thanks not hanks
    ValerieLeigh : either way works, lol
    Liz4Les : yes if i can share it
    ValerieLeigh : let me lay back for you darlin
    Liz4Les : yes my love
    ValerieLeigh : the towel, razor, warm bowl of water, all you need is there
    Liz4Les : i want so much to be your darling
    Liz4Les : ups man is her.
    ValerieLeigh : you are my darling, I so wanted to pleasure you
    HeatherJ23 : Hi
    Jessica23456789 : hey
    Liz4Les : I am hosting 4 pussies only chat. Click the MENU button above and select my chat room to join me.
    chathour : Mashkoor54 has been banned from this chat room.
    Liz4Les : yes he has
    GabbyLonghurst : Anus