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    runningaway2 : is she a man?
    Confusion2 : idk
    Confusion2 : she has not answer me
    runningaway2 : ask again
    Confusion2 : i did
    runningaway2 : tell here we are in her chat room
    runningaway2 : u there?
    Confusion2 : yes
    runningaway2 : i think she a woman
    Confusion2 : idk
    runningaway2 : if she a guy love to see you suck her dick
    Confusion2 : o
    nellycutie12 : Hi Friends
    runningaway2 : hey HI
    Confusion2 : hello
    runningaway2 : jeff thought u was a man
    nellycutie12 : why so?
    Confusion2 : o sorry, just i notice your room LGBT
    runningaway2 : Jeff needs an education
    runningaway2 : You like LGBT people?
    runningaway2 : Are you here?
    runningaway2 : hmm
    runningaway2 : tell her you sorry Jeff
    Confusion2 : i did, she not answering me
    runningaway2 : ok, I think she left
    runningaway2 : she lives far too I can not invite her to visit us
    Confusion2 : ok
    runningaway2 : Not ok, she could of brought another friend for you t be with
    Confusion2 : gee
    runningaway2 : shut up
    Confusion2 : k
    Confusion2 : sorry
    runningaway2 : you love sucking my dick the other day?
    runningaway2 : Jeff ANSWER me
    Confusion2 : yes David
    runningaway2 : :)
    runningaway2 : see if you can find another person Jeff to come here
    Confusion2 : k
    Confusion2 : who will you be voting for in 2020
    runningaway2 : what the fuck?
    Confusion2 : sorry somebody is asking me
    runningaway2 : invite them
    Confusion2 : yes David
    Confusion2 : well i did
    runningaway2 : will see
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    nellycutie12 has just logged in
    sissysub55 : hello
    HeatherJ23 : Hi