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    Stedley : babe Im here
    Stedley : Irene Cara - Fame 1980
    Stedley : woof woof
    Stedley : Dark Waltz - Dance With The Devil
    ObiWanMishoni : wtf is this?
    ObiWanMishoni : a new music room...
    Stedley : sure why not ...
    Stedley : or a place of solitude for moi
    ObiWanMishoni : but its a listed room, like cybermanilla
    ObiWanMishoni : who did it?
    Stedley : i did
    Stedley : i did it i did it i did it
    Stedley : like that shit song
    ObiWanMishoni : enjoy it... the decoration makes me queasy
    Stedley : AJ Tracey & Mabel - West Ten
    Stedley : theres decoration?
    Stedley : looks green to me
    daysandnights : Bask in his glory for he is limitless
    daysandnights : Keith Lee theme Limitless
    daysandnights : Hi Shelly*waves to Shelly*
    Stedley : Michael Hedges - Aerial Boundaries
    oklahomaboy1 : Disco Sucks!
    Stedley : so does yo momma
    Stedley : *giggles*
    Stedley : ahhh the small things in life hey
    Heyh3re : fuk this gay room
    Holydiverdio75 : well stedley i'm here who your faverit band
    Holydiverdio75 : you can lead a dog to water but will he drink lol
    kajalfemale : Hi
    Stedley : I used to be quite into anthrax actually...makes me feel old now
    Holydiverdio75 : at lest some ones here an about that water bit i got to go get some lol
    Holydiverdio75 : i know they went to rap sucks lol
    Stedley : i should really...bit early for rum
    Holydiverdio75 : rum used to be my favorit besides red devil lol
    Holydiverdio75 : i love that cinniomn shit lol
    kajalfemale : Hey
    Holydiverdio75 : know its just rootbeer an water lol
    Holydiverdio75 : hey you got to type to join in lol
    Holydiverdio75 : its not hard
    Holydiverdio75 : so is this it lol
    Holydiverdio75 : i can't keep up with halford on this imperticular cd lol
    Holydiverdio75 : free wheel burnin
    Holydiverdio75 : deadly as a viper
    pishp0sh : queen - under pressure
    Stedley : Mac Miller - Jet Fuel
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