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    ubring : Jodee IM me....
    ubring : HI... mattoonil
    ubring has just logged in : hi anyone near peoria?
    Joeoaklawn has just logged in : Southern Illinois?
    mewlittle : hi
    Blackops2Girl : northwestern illinois?
    Blackops2Girl : hi
    silverfox1213 : hi danville here
    Russman1986 : Decatur Here
    Luketl has just logged in
    Luketl : Peoria IL here
    helikesafullmoon : Hi, Summit here.
    JamesTheSaiyan : Hello. : test : hey : anyone here? : illinois here : looking to chat : hello
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    margie63 : illinois here
    margie63 : you mean there is actually more than one person from illinois here tonight
    margie63 : hows everyone doing
    margie63 has just logged in
    bullettyooh : hey guys c:
    bullettyooh : im from illinois d:
    jeremymattoon : mattoon illinois ?
    kbear82 : springfield here
    kbear82 : is there anyone here : hi : anyonw
    lookatme2xs : anyone heard of taylorville
    lookatme2xs : 62568
    lookatme2xs : kbear
    lookatme2xs : oops
    lookatme2xs : hello
    lookatme2xs : anyone alive in here
    lookatme2xs : this room sucks
    lookatme2xs : hello
    roads95 : and champaign area woman here??????????????
    roads95 : any champaign women here???????????????? : Southern Illinois, anyone??? : southern il anyone?
    Annamarisa : Warning. This site may contain Nude photos of a person from your city, possibly a friend of yours -
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