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    gary081 : hi : hi : sup : hey : Hey there : I'm having a real problem over here and need help. hoping I can turn to fellow pet lovers : Herold : hellooo
    NitroHybrid101 : hey there
    NitroHybrid101 has just logged out : hello
    zephyer15 : pet lover in wat ways ?
    zephyer15 : pet lover in wat ways
    zephyer15 : ?
    thequeen2014 has just logged in : is this an actual pet discussion room
    Meadow11 : hello?
    Meadow11 : why would i wanna do that
    oldukbbw has just logged in
    oldukbbw : hi room
    oldukbbw : sorry to people in pvt, pc is playing up so loggong off then on again
    oldukbbw : hi again
    oldukbbw : pvt playing up
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