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    graystate : Hello!
    secretsounds1 : So my brother just had a three tier nightmare...
    secretsounds1 : First he was with his friend and they were being chased by the government...
    secretsounds1 : Saying "We know you know something.. and we're gonna kill you".
    secretsounds1 : Then it morphed into the next dream, still being chased he ran into a massive hall like a cathedral hall
    secretsounds1 : and the queen was there with loads important people.
    secretsounds1 : And he ran to the front and knocked something over and the whole country hated him.
    secretsounds1 : And then the third dream was with one of Daddy's friends who was in a wheel chair...
    secretsounds1 : He was going to give him adive about Tourism and he has with him for the day inan area he knew
    secretsounds1 : really well and a tram came and he moved the chair backwards
    secretsounds1 : and then another tram came and he moved it in a slightly different direction.
    secretsounds1 : and then another tram came out of no and he slipped and starting rolling down the hill
    secretsounds1 : and into the tram
    secretsounds1 : and then ended up in the side of a pub
    secretsounds1 : he thought he was dead and he picked him up and he was still breathing.
    secretsounds1 : and he said thank god hes not dead.
    secretsounds1 : and the guy said "I know what you did, you tired to killlll me - he was a little demented".
    secretsounds1 : And he went "no, no, I didn't".
    secretsounds1 : and then he said "I'm going to the police you tried to kill me and I could have down so much for you, we
    secretsounds1 : could of gone to Colarado and psent the year with my contacts.
    secretsounds1 : he was going oh shit seriously through all issues and woke up in sweat.
    secretsounds1 : Got bored!
    secretsounds1 has just logged out
    napster512 : hi everybody
    Annamarisa : Warning. This site may contain Nude photos of a person from your city, possibly a friend of yours -