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Log In : yo anyone there? : im here : hey guys can I ask a question? : hi
    alicimo : go for it : hi : ask
    Socratican : hi
    Socratican : first time here
    Socratican : seems very quiet i guess?
    ravergirl420 : Hey whats up everyone
    ravergirl420 : I need molly
    ravergirl420 : :)
    Fearlessflyer930 : anyone here?
    Fearlessflyer930 : ??
    Fearlessflyer930 : :(
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    h0rny69 : hey Guys, hi all
    h0rny69 : stupefying these room
    h0rny69 : you happens also to you to have perverse desires and diverted under the effect of cocaine?
    h0rny69 : on sex
    EllixOnline : HI guys! I'm looking for a tip - Been smoking weed for about a year now
    EllixOnline : And wanna know what's best to do next
    EllixOnline : Salvia,Shrooms or acid?
    Restingb1tchface666 : Omg please tell me this is what i've been looking for!!
    kfilth96 : hi
    Dubbackwards : Hey, just finishing up a 36 hour bender and wondering if any girls want to keep it going?
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    Kcind75 : Anyone
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    shitstain85 : hello
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