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    cr1minal : no wait I will never edit naked pic of you
    cr1minal : I just make more witches photos
    cr1minal : look it suit your face in them lol
    cr1minal : I'll come back and make more
    cr1minal : screenshot them all you fucking attention whore
    cr1minal has just logged out
    Summerwine371806 : Go to hell pig
    Summerwine371806 : I never ask money to just can't live that I rejected you 3x
    Summerwine371806 : So fuck off old stinky Pervert.... you're a Fucking Pig
    trishataylor62 : well said
    DramaQueenJanikkah : boinkster if you did send ate jani money she will be good to you and call you oppa
    BOiNKSTER has just logged in
    BOiNKSTER : ohhhhhh,POOR JANI IS MAD ,,
    MangKanor143 : hi cm
    DramaQueenJanikkah : hello manhkanor
    DramaQueenJanikkah : do you like me? send me money
    DramaQueenJanikkah : as soon as possible i dont want to work as slave anymore
    DramaQueenJanikkah : i might like you for sure
    DramaQueenJanikkah : i think its max whos blocking people on censored
    DramaQueenJanikkah : hes on here from morning to night, like jannikah she never sleep
    DramaQueenJanikkah : if shes a slave how can she have so much time in chatting, thats absurd
    DramaQueenJanikkah : she's a prostitutes for sure
    DramaQueenJanikkah : come on janni sits on oppas lap
    DramaQueenJanikkah : ill pay more than boinkster lol
    DramaQueenJanikkah : im going to find out who is her ex
    DramaQueenJanikkah : exes?
    DramaQueenJanikkah : how slutty she is
    DramaQueenJanikkah : ill will start a drama not her
    DramaQueenJanikkah : im the real queen
    DramaQueenJanikkah has just logged out
    MangKanor143 : woah what's happening?
    DramaQueenJanikkah : whats happening?
    DramaQueenJanikkah : jannikah is trying to flirt with moonsong?
    DramaQueenJanikkah : yes she is she will try to stole moon from ate anne
    DramaQueenJanikkah : moonsong oppa shuold be careful to that witch
    DramaQueenJanikkah : sooner or later moonsong x janikkah
    DramaQueenJanikkah : poor ate Anne
    DramaQueenJanikkah : oppa is here ate anne i will console you
    MangKanor143 : anyare jani?
    MangKanor143 : Sa isang sulyap mo- 143
    bambieREALone has just logged in
    bambieREALone : Oppa?
    bambieREALone : Why did you put janni's name on your id?
    bambieREALone : Good night all