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    MeleenaMel : alice in chains f ya!
    snuff1994 : hi
    katandi has just logged out
    lewed : hi der
    RainbowCuppycake : Pantera! /m/ ♥
    k3female : my girl,, my girl,, don't lie to me,,, tell me Where did you sleep last night
    k3female : But that can't stop the rosster,,, lol Alice in Chains
    bordheer : 34 m North Dakota - care to chat?
    bordheer : love all these, and blind melon
    singledude420 : Personally prefer Pantera
    pervyguyuk33 : nirvana band ever..period
    jasonhaga : is this my home?
    raouss : HI
    fuwwygal4ever : i love nirvana!
    fuwwygal4ever : ^_^
    damienskateanddestry : All three bands are insanley awesome : bleach rules
    Lucas2403 : Bleach rules but incesticide is Nirvanas best album
    Annamarisa : Warning. This site may contain Nude photos of a person from your city, possibly a friend of yours -