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    slickricksweet16 : hello
    slickricksweet16 : grand falls windsor?
    trucksex : anyone up for some fun chat
    trucksex : any girls for chat
    trucksex : any girls from corner brook
    sami415 : From CB but live in Ab
    sami415 has just logged out
    jenna85 : anyone around?
    jenna85 : je
    jenna85 : na
    jenna85 : ta
    jenna85 : yl
    jenna85 : 4u
    jenna85 : je
    jenna85 : a
    jenna85 : ay
    Newfie55 : west coastof the rock here
    Newfie55 : an here i am all alone..:(
    Newfie55 : oh well lol
    Newfie55 : anyone Home
    Newfie55 : still no one home :(
    someguy654 : hello
    soundbone16 : Hello
    soundbone16 has just logged out
    wldkitty : hey all
    tgriiff9032 : Jenna,,,hello
    tgriiff9032 : Widk....hello
    CbrookCouple : anyone in corner brook?
    rosazeke : st j ohns here
    rosazeke : anyone here
    dan171717 : cbs here
    dan171717 : and yea im here
    dan171717 : is there anyone in this chat or what
    centar2001 : hi all
    happyface2015 has just logged out
    Stormychaser : Dang where is everyone....
    Stormychaser : poop
    Stormychaser : I finally find this place and narry a soul about...........
    Stormychaser : <<<<<<<<<,Bell Island.....any Newfs please feel free to contact me, look forward to a mug up!
    Stormychaser : wow...been days and still no life........egad!
    Stormychaser : oh my God!!! I haven't even been on for over a month and no one has even been in her to chat..
    Stormychaser : *faints
    itsonlyme1976 : anyone on here?
    itsonlyme1976 has just logged out
    lorenzo1876 : snapchat or kik anyone
    youggiebear69 : heyy hey hey
    Bigguy1975 : quiet the spot lol
    Justlookingaround11 : Very quiet
    loveher41 : hi
    loveher41 : just signup for this site